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Wednesday, 29 October 2014
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Grégory Soutadé

Direct access to physical address is a bad idea, but sometimes, for debug we need it. The trick used below is to disable MMU for only one instruction that do the read with fully configured environment and then re enabling MMU. Read and enable instructions should be in the pipe. The code works for arm11 but should also works for arm9 and maybe CortexA 32 bits series. Primitives has been found in FreeBSD 10 source code (sys/arm/arm/).

read_arm_phys_addr() must be called in supervisor mode (kernel mode).

#include <stdint.h> /* CPU control register (CP15 register 1) */ #define CPU_CONTROL_MMU_ENABLE 0x00000001 /* M: MMU/Protection unit enable */ #define CPU_CONTROL_DC_ENABLE 0x00000004 /* C: IDC/DC enable */ #define CPU_CONTROL_WBUF_ENABLE 0x00000008 /* W: Write buffer enable */ #define CPU_CONTROL_BPRD_ENABLE 0x00000800 /* Z: Branch prediction enable */ #define CPU_CONTROL_IC_ENABLE 0x00001000 /* I: IC enable */ uint32_t read_arm_phys_addr(void* addr) { uint32_t value; __asm __volatile ( // Load address "mov r0, %1\n\r" // Disable IRQ, FIQ and abort "cpsid ifa\n\r" // Disable MMU and cache "mrc p15, 0, r1, c1, c0, 0\n\r" "bic r2, r1, %2\n\r" "bic r2, r2, %3\n\r" "bic r2, r2, %4\n\r" "mcr p15, 0, r2, c1, c0, 0\n\r" "nop\n\r" "nop\n\r" "nop\n\r" // Read data "ldr r3, [r0]\n\r" // Enable MMU "mcr p15, 0, r1, c1, c0, 0\n\r" "nop\n\r" "nop\n\r" "nop\n\r" // Enable IRQ, FIQ and abort "cpsie ifa\n\r" "mov %0, r3\n\r" : "=r" (value) : "r" (addr), "i" (CPU_CONTROL_MMU_ENABLE | CPU_CONTROL_DC_ENABLE | CPU_CONTROL_WBUF_ENABLE), "i" (CPU_CONTROL_IC_ENABLE), "i" (CPU_CONTROL_BPRD_ENABLE) : "r0", "r1", "r2", "r3"); return value; }
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