Libgourou : a Free ADEPT protocol implementation
Sunday, 04 July 2021
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Grégory Soutadé

Two months ago I released a software that can use from Adobe in order to retrieve ePub files (with Adobe DRM) from ACSM request files. It was the result of a long work of reverse engineering. The main problem with it is that it requires to run on an ARMv7 platform.

When I published it, I felt I can go further, but I was afraid of counter measures or cryptic algorithms that can be used by Adobe. Nevertheless, thanks to all knowledge acquired by my first reverse attempt I decided to try. In the end, Adobe choose to use standard algorithms with no obfuscation (maybe because it's delivered with a full SDK for clients). Plus, the target library wasn't compiled with code optimization \o/.

So I'm pleased to announce the first release of libgourou. It's a Free and Open Source implementation of ADEPT protocol. It supports :

  • Account signIn
  • Device activation
  • ePub download from ACSM request file

In addition to libgourou, two utils acsmdownloader and activate are provided in order to create a new device and download ePub from your favorite UNIX platform (like Linux x86/amd64 !) without any call to Adobe's code (no ADE, no WINE !).

Like RMSDK, it's based on a client/server model were the client has to implement some system specific functions (network, crypto...). It allows the library to be very portable (it's written in C++ 11).

The library by itself is licensed under LGPLv3 and the client (reference implementation) is under BSD license.

I can now tell it : we have a real alternative to ADE for Linux platforms !

Source are available on my forge

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