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Saturday, 21 January 2023
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Grégory Soutadé

Reminder : Libgourou is a free ADEPT protocol implementation (ePub DRM management from Adobe) that helps download ACSM files on Linux system (and remove DRM).

Libgourou v0.8.1 is out now. It's a minor release if we only look at the ChangeLog, but a very intersting one for a lot of aspects. First, the ChangeLog :

  • DRM with encryption key size 192 bits now fully supported by adept_remove
  • New -D option to specify .adept directory
  • Check for user ID before trying to decrypt a file
  • Default ADEPT directory is now /home/USER/.config/adept and can be specified by $ADEPT_DIR environment variable
  • -f option can be omitted and is replaced by last argument (ie: we can do ./acsmdownloader EPUB)
  • Add man pages
  • Add install/unintall and install_headers/uninstall_headers Makefile targets
  • PugiXML is no more statically linked, we use the system level shared library

Except one bug fix which add a major feature and new default path for .adept, all work has been done in Makefile part which is not code related. And this is interesting because it enlight the fact that libgourou is becoming a popular software (535 downloads within 4 months for v0.8), in "concurrence" with Knock (command line) and Calibre's plugin DeACSM (GUI). I get feedback from 5 different peoples that creates a port to MacOS, create packages for Gentoo and OpenSuse (ArchLinux has an outdated package) + a docker version. The reference implementation (utils) is becoming the only implementation and now has to be more user friendly. This is unexpected as, initially, the project has been designed as a library (so the name "lib" gourou) that should have been integrated by embedded devices, and a reference implementation to be used for Linux users. But I didn't expected that so many people were interested by the command line interface. If the project is still growing like that, I have no doubt that people will ask for new nice features, so wait and see !

You can find binary packages (compiled + AppImage) here.

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