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Saturday, 08 October 2022
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Grégory Soutadé

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Reminder : gPass is an online password manager. It's a free, open source and self hostable alternative to laspass. All of your passwords are stored encrypted on YOUR server and you're the only one to know the master key needed to decrypt them.

Some weeks ago I received an email from Chrome's team asking me to remove one unused permission to gPass webextension with a delay of 14 days. It makes me see that manifest v2 will not be supported starting 2023, so I decided to migrate my extension to manifest v3. What a hell ! A lot of things changed with apparently no reason. After struggling a long week trying only yo keep the same functionalities, I was able to submit a new version !

So, main changes since v1 are :

Server side :

  • Remove old v1 crypto
  • When decrypting a password for a specific website, go to the entry
  • New UI (the first one was very ugly)
  • You can filter results for masterkey validation (avoid to display all your passwords to everyone)
  • Add a button to copy password into clipboard
  • Change button's name instead of displaying an alert

Client side :

  • Update to manifest v3 (Chrome only)
  • Add an option to deactivate form's hook
  • Some bug fixes
  • Add a checkbox in popup to copy password into clipboard

Extensions are available here (Firefox) and there (Chrome). You can download server side on my project page.

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