IWLA 0.7

Sunday, 17 March 2024
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Grégory Soutadé

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Here is the work done for version 0.7 of IWLA (Intelligent Web Log Analyzer witten in Python) since one year and a half :


  • Awstats data updated (7.9)
  • Remove detection from awstats dataset for browser
  • Don't analyze referer for non viewed hits/pages
  • Remove all trailing slashs of URL before starting analyze
  • Improve page/hit detection
  • Main key for visits is now "remote_ip" and not "remote_addr"
  • Add IP type plugin to support IPv4 and IPv6
  • --display-only switch now takes an argument (month/year), analyze is not yet necessary
  • Add --disable-display option


  • Geo IP plugin updated (use of ip-api.com)
  • Update robot detection
  • Display visitor IP is now a filter
  • Add subdomains plugin


  • Generate HTML part in dry run mode (but don't write it to disk)
  • Set lang value in generated HTML page
  • Bugfix: flags management for feeds display
  • New way to display global statistics : with links in months names instead of "Details" button


  • Add no_referrer_domains list to defaut_conf for website that defines this policy
  • Add excluded domain option
  • Set count_hit_only_visitors to False by default

A demo instance (for forge.soutade.fr) is available here

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